PUSHR is a service by Net Stack Ltd - A privately held company providing hosting solutions for high bandwidth services including file clouds, video streaming websites and mobile apps. Our in-house software stack combined with our team's experience of 8 years allows us to provide the most cost-effective solution for video and software delivery on the market.

Net Stack Ltd was formed in 2013, under the EuroLG name to serve as a consulting and infrastructure contractor in the EMEA region for the digital needs of small and large enterprises. We've delivered solutions for notable global companies including Samsung, Philips, KFC and HTC. In order to better reflect our core values and competencies, and to match the private alpha launch of PUSHR CDN in early 2016, EuroLG was rebranded as Net Stack Ltd.

Our network consists of datacenters Europe, United States and Canada, and is focused on high-speed content delivery of large objects to the European and North American markets. PUSHR's network performance is ensured by highly optimised SSD-only edge cache servers equipped with 3Gbps and 10Gbps uplinks to hand-picked upstream providers in each location and a mid-layer cache built to deliver a high cache hit ratio. Our highly available platform delivers reliable and sustained throughput via an in-house built failover system capable of detecting failures within 6 seconds of their emergence. Underperforming servers and locations are then marked for exclusion and traffic is being rerouted to the next best server or datacenter for a maximum uptime.

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