About Us


PUSHR is a service by Net Stack Ltd - A privately held company providing video and software delivery solutions for high bandwidth services including OTT, Pay-per-view, broadcasting companies, media agencies, file clouds, video streaming websites and mobile apps. Our in-house software stack combined with our team's experience of 9 years allows us to provide high performance, cost-effective solutions for projects of any size.

Our mission is to provide technology and expertise that allows businesses to focus on their core activities and reach their full potential.

Our Approach

We value our customers' time and ideas. We understand that disruptive businesses need tailor-made technologies which will empower them to compete in their respective markets. We discuss opportunities and provide consultancy at every step to ensure smooth implementation and optimal performance on your way to market domination.

As of March 2019, custom content delivery and video optimisation solutions account for 85% of our business.


Our network consists of datacenters across the world and is focused on high-speed content delivery of large objects to the European and North American markets. PUSHR's network performance is ensured by highly optimised SSD/NVMe edge cache servers equipped with multi-gigabit uplinks to hand-picked upstream providers in each location. Our highly available platform includes anycast DNS routing and delivers reliable & sustained throughput via an in-house built failover system capable of detecting failures within 6 seconds of their emergence for a default 99.99% uptime SLA.

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Sofia 1336, Bulgaria
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