About Us


PUSHR is a service by Net Stack Ltd - A privately held company providing content delivery solutions for high bandwidth services including file clouds, video streaming websites and mobile apps. Our in-house software stack combined with our team's experience of 9 years allows us to provide high performance and cost-effective solutions for projects of any size.


Our network consists of datacenters across the world and is focused on high-speed content delivery of large objects to the European and North American markets. PUSHR's network performance is ensured by highly optimised SSD/NVMe edge cache servers equipped with gigabit uplinks to hand-picked upstream providers in each location and a mid-layer cache built to deliver a high cache hit ratio. Our highly available platform includes anycast DNS routing and delivers reliable & sustained throughput via an in-house built failover system capable of detecting failures within 6 seconds of their emergence for a default 99.99% uptimse SLA.

D. Naru #27 blvd, floor 1
Sofia 1336, Bulgaria
(+1) 646 687-8084
9AM-5PM (GMT+3)