Instant sync of
new content

Simple content upload API

Secure tokens for
hotlink protection

Integrate in minutes -
simply change links

Content, vistors
and bandwidth statistics

Unlimited traffic
without restrictions

Minimize the time it takes for user-generated content to reach other users of your app. Offload media delivery to PUSHR and focus on promoting your app while we do the rest.

PUSHR CDN is tuned to deliver large objects in a fast and efficient manner. With points of presence in Europe and North America we accelerate the speed and reliability of the data transfer to your users from our SSD-only edge cache servers in close proximity to large internet exchanges, equipped with 10Gbps uplinks per server. Content uploaded by your users becomes available instanly over the network, ensuring superior user experience as you grow.

Bandwidth Control
Our custom built client dashboard allows you to contol the speed at which your users can download your files as well as to limit the number of parallel connections each of them could open. Abusers can be blocked by IP address, user agent or referer, providing you with a high level of control over your CDN usage.

Stop hotlinking. Control access
Secure tokens make your files impossible to hotlink. Your content can be downloaded only from the website or app that generates the token and only by visitors who have tokens generated for them.

Download resuming
Progressive downloads and download resuming are supported and enabled by default. The users of your app can resume partial downloads as soon as they have connectivity again.

Integrate on any platform
PUSHR's upload API provides you with an efficient way to upload content to our fast and cost effective FTP storage. Direct link is returned on successful upload the content is ready to be fetched by your users. PUSHR works with your own storage too. All you need to do is point your CDN to the URL where the content is stored and to ensure your server is well connected.

Flat rate pricing
With it's flat rate pricing, PUSHR's CDN for mobile apps is one of the most cost effective solutions on the market used by small and large developers. Your expenses are always predictable and as you grow you are in full control of what you spend. Scaling is easy too - You can add or subtract from your bandwidth plan on the fly, and this does not incur overbilling or prorated fees.

We supercharge their mobile apps

PUSHR CDN delivers the content of Megadata's mobile apps

PUSHR CDN delivers the content of Moblinks's mobile apps