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New PoPs: Madrid, Miami and Singapore

We are happy to announce 3 new data centres in North America, South Europe and Asia! These new locations make for a total of 12 non-federated, bare-metal points of presence with guaranteed bandwidth and dedicated edge cache on our network.

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Date: April 9th at 4:48pm

New PoPs in LA, Dallas and Milan

We are happy to kickstart December with the addition of 3 new points of presence to our network. Los Angeles, Dallas and Milan are now live and already serving customers' traffic.

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Date: December 5th at 11:30am

Raw logs download now in beta

We are happy to announce that PUSHR CDN now supports raw log downloads. Logs can be generated on demand from your dashboard and are combined in a single file, ordered by a timestamp.

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Date: November 28th at 9:32am

10 myths about content delivery networks

As a content delivery network with 24/7 live chat for support and pre-sales questions, we are in constant communication with webmasters, small business owners and startups about their needs, expectations, and requirements. Like we've already mentioned in our previous blog post, Which CDN is best?, a great amount of the people we speak to are aware that they need a CDN but don't necessarily have the time to dive deep into the technical aspects of the service to understand its functions better. We've reviewed our chat history and identified the most frequent misconceptions about content delivery networks.

Here is your short crash course with the top 10 myths about CDN services.

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Date: November 22nd at 6:48pm

Which CDN is best?

Content delivery networks are anything but new and yet for 99% of the website & service owners choosing the right one is usually troublesome. Here are a few tips on how to select the best CDN for your project.

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Date: November 15th at 3:17pm
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