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Introducing Anycast DNS

We are happy to announce that after a month of testing, two weeks ago we've silently released our anycast DNS to all customers. Anycast is a routing method in which a single destination address is routed to multiple endpoint addresses. The shortest network path between the client and the server is being used automatically to ensure low latency and fast connectivity, and in the event of a failure of one or more endpoints, the algorithm will exclude them from the mix, redirecting all requests to the healthy ones. Just like our failover system system does for PUSHR CDN's edge network.

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Date: August 16th at 6:04pm

Introducing sub-second cache purge

One of the main ways for a content delivery network to accelerate a piece of content is to cache it on an edge server in close proximity to the visitor. Once cached (usually after the first request) the content is served to all visitors at high speed, without the need to contact the origin, which may be physically located in a distant country or even on another continent. This greatly accelerates the rate at which visitors can fetch a copy of your content and it also allows you to scale seamlessly since all the load from the origin is shifted to the CDN.

However, there is also a down side to caching. Every now and then you may wish to update the contents of a file, or simply push a new version of a software without changing it's file name. Since the old version will still be in the CDN cache, the new version will not be served until the cache is considered expired, unless you let the CDN know that it should fetch a fresh copy.

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Date: May 31st at 6:07pm

New PoPs: Madrid, Miami and Singapore

We are happy to announce 3 new data centres in North America, South Europe and Asia! These new locations make for a total of 12 non-federated, bare-metal points of presence with guaranteed bandwidth and dedicated edge cache on our network.

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Date: April 9th at 6:06pm

New PoPs in LA, Dallas and Milan

We are happy to kickstart December with the addition of 3 new points of presence to our network. Los Angeles, Dallas and Milan are now live and already serving customers' traffic.

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Date: December 5th at 6:05pm

Raw logs download now in beta

We are happy to announce that PUSHR CDN now supports raw log downloads. Logs can be generated on demand from your dashboard and are combined in a single file, ordered by a timestamp.

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Date: November 28th at 6:05pm