Accelerate video, websites & applications.

Deliver your content faster with HTTP/2, Brotli, ActivePushâ„¢ and a free image optimization engine.

Global Network

A strategically positioned edge network that spans across 6 continents, optimized for smooth global video delivery. See network map

Packed With Features

Scale out web, mobile apps and video delivery with multiple content origins, load balancing and automatic failover. See all features

Extended Analytics

Analyze daily, monthly and yearly usage statistics based on CDN zone, hostname and country in your dashboard. RAW logs are also available.

HTTP/2 and Brotli support

PUSHR delivers your content over the HTTP/2 protocol with reduced latency by multiplexing requests over a single TCP connection. Google's Brotli is also enabled for improved compression of HTML, CSS, JS and other file types leading to maximum performance of your web assets.


Less round trips and significantly improved latency for maximum performance.


With an average of 40% better compression Brotli greatly improves the loading times on slow connections and mobile devices, while minimizing the total traffic used and your monthly bill.

Video CDN

PUSHR's edge network is optimized for smooth playback and fast start of video-on-demand (VOD) content. With cache slicing and our ActivePush™ Video CDN technology your media loads fast from all around the world, on every view, even in 4K UltraHD resolution.

No buffering

Backed by SSD and NVMe disks, PUSHR edge servers are purpose-built and optimized for video content.

Instant start with ActivePush™

With ActivePush™ video playback starts without buffering from the first view.Learn more

Hotlink protection

Domain lock and signing with secure tokens blocks attempts for sharing and illegal access to your videos on the CDN.

Low latency

PUSHR caches your files of any size on it's global network and automatically serves them from the server that is physically closest to the visitor. Delays and connection interruptions caused by latency are eliminated, while performance of your websites and apps is maximized.

Instantly loading content

Long-distance connections and network congestions can no longer impact your website performance.

Always online

With automatic failover between edge servers and data centers, your content remains accessbile during origin and edge outages.

Lower hosting costs

By offloading video and files to PUSHR CDN and our optional Sonic object storage service, your web server only needs to handle your website, while PUSHR does the heavy lifting.

Origin load balancers

PUSHR's origin load balancers are integrated into our global edge network, making it easy to use multiple origin servers for your content. Round Robin, Primary+Secondary, Least Connections and Latency-based Multi-Region modes are supported, with automatic health checks and proactive failover. 

High availability

If an origin becomes unavailable, content is pulled from the next healthy origin in the group.

Distributed storage backends support

Content does not need to be replicated across your origins. If a file is missing from one origin PUSHR will automatically try the rest.

Rapid service scale out

Remove and add origin servers without downtime and service interruptions.

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