Advanced CDN features

Geo-located origin shields

Geo-located origin shields run on our edge network to minimize the number of requests from our CDN to your origin servers. They work as a middle-tier cache and the shield closest to your origins is automatically selected to ensure high-speed cache fill operations. Single points of failure are eliminated with shields being temporarily bypassed in the event of outage. 

Origin server protection

CDN cache is being populated with a single request from the shield, reducing the risk for origin overloads.

Optimized performance for uncached content

The shield physically closest to your origins is used to maximize performance and minimize delays.

Improved content availability

Acting as a middle layer cache, shields improve content availability during origin outages by 90%.


Secure your content with advanced protection features that are always just a click away.

Free SSL with Letsencrypt

Add SSL certificates to your CDN hostnames at no exta cost.

Domain lock and secure tokens

Block hotlinking and authorize access dynamically.

Block visitors by IP or country

Deny access to your content from specific IP addresses or entire countries.

ActivePush: Fast video and image loading. Every time.

ActivePush monitors the content in your Sonic object storage zones and initiates a cache fill operation on the edge automatically for all updated and re-uploaded files. It eliminates slow video start and waiting for uncached content.

Fast loading from the very first view

Your users will never wait for uncached content to load. Instant video start and blazing fast loading images from the first request.

No coding needed

ActivePush works inside push (storage) zones and is completely automatic.

Microcaching for APIs and dynamic content

Scale dynamic and often-changing content delivery by caching for intervals as low as 1 second. PUSHR's microcache provides a significant performance increase and load reduction for services where data changes frequently.

Live score APIs

Live APIs increase the number of users they can handle while providing data with nearly zero delay.

Trading platforms

Trading charts and data benefit from increased performance with near realtime updades.

News websites

Fast-developing stories benefit from micro caching while updates reach readers with minimum delay.

Global anycast DNS

PUSHR's high performance global anycast DNS network provides instant resolution of all CDN resources and immediate failover during outages.

Low global latency

< 20ms latency across Europe, North America and most of Asia.

Automatic failover

Your content is always online thanks to automatic rerouting in the event of edge data center failures.

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