A myriad of features, all at your finger tips

Anycast DNS

Fast resolving and instant failover via anycast on DNS level.

Edge Failover

Monitoring & automatic failover on the network edge.

Dedicated Edge Cache

All CDN zones have unshared edge space for their files.

99.99% Uptime SLA

Guaranteed availability in the event of network, DNS and storage failures.

Private SSL

All your CDN zones are offered with one-click SSL certificate generation.

Unlmited Zones

There is no limit on the number of CDN zones your account can have.

RAW Logs

RAW web server logs are available at no cost for every CDN zone.

Overbilling protection

Each of your CDN zones has a configurable monthly data cap.

Secure Tokens

Protect your content against unauthorised access.

Referer Blocking

Allow or disallow access to your content based on referer.

User Agent Blocking

Allow or disallow access to your content based on user agent.

Speed Limiting

Set speed limits per connection and connection limits per iP.

Instant Purge

Purge content from the edge cache in less under 1 second.

Cache Prefetch

Pre-cache content to avoid cache MISS and slow responses.

Push & Pull

Choose between your own storage, or PUSHR CDN's storage.

50GB Free Storage

All Push accounts have 50GB free storage inside the CDN.

VOD Encoding

Automated video optimisation for web, mobile and SmartTV.

Live Streaming

Ingestion, transcoding and delivery of live streams for web and OTT.

Usage Statistics

Visitors, hits, requests breakdown by type and top content statistics.

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