Account top ups

All services provided by PUSHR CDN require customers to keep a positive balance in their account's profile. When you add credit to your account via the top up option, this credit is used to fund the services and resources used by you. Where VAT is applicable, the VAT amount will be deducted from the payment amount and the remaining credit will be applied to your account.

Individuals and companies based outside of the EU, as well as companies operating from within the EU with a valid VAT number are exempt from VAT tax.

Metered plans

Metered plans are offered at a fixed price per month, measured in TB (terabytes). As with bandwidth, only outbound traffic is measured while inbound traffic is free of charge. Each metered plan includes a set amount of traffic that you can use per month (except for the Pay-As-You-Go plan where traffic can be used over any period of time). For every TB (terabyte) beyond your plan's included traffic an overage is applied.

* Metered plans overage fees

Overages (for plans below 11TB) or extra traffic (on the 11TB plan) are recalculated hourly and reported both on the top bar of your dashboard and on the billing page, where a cost breakdown of all billed services is being presented. If your CDN zone(s) have generated an overage we will automatically use the credit available in your account to cover the extra usage.

If your account credit is insufficient, your service will be temporarily suspended. To avoid unexpected suspensions and service interruptions, check your account credit often and top it up to ensure it is always enough to cover your usage.

* Notifications regarding traffic usage
  • For plans up to 10TB, we will send you an email notification once you have reached 75% of your traffic quota, and then once again when you reach 100%.

  • Customers on our 11TB plan receive a single notification once they have used the whole 11TB.

Plan upgrades

PUSHR's customers can upgrade their plan at any point in time during their billing period to avoid overage fees. During an upgrade the customer is required to pay only the difference between their current plan and the new plan, where this difference is calculated proportionally to the time left on the the old plan of the customer by PUSHR at the time of the upgrade. The day of the upgrade becomes the new billing date for the upgraded CDN zone.

Add-ons pricing

All service add-ons are billed on a monthly basis. When an add-on service is being added or upgraded at a date other than the billing date of the CDN zone, the cost is calculated proportionally to the remaining days in the current billing period.


An invoice is generated for every account top up transaction. It is then immediately available for review or download from your dashboard's billing panel. Where VAT tax is applicable, the VAT amount is calculated and deduced from the total amount of the top up transaction. The remaining credit after VAT deduction is then applied to your account. Past invoices are available for review and download in your account's billing panel.

Service costs breakdown

The exact cost of each service in your account, including bandwidth/traffic and storage for the current billing period is always available in the Billing section of your account's dashboard.