CDN Pull

CDN Pull allows you to use your own storage backend to host your content. When a visitor requests to download a file or to stream a video, PUSHR CDN will contact your storage backend, pull the content from there and cache it on it's own drives. Further requests for the same content will then be served from the edge cache servers and will no longer hit the origin until the cache becomes invalidated.

In CDN Pull mode, PUSHR's performance during cache fill operations depends on the performance of the origin server at the moment the cache fill operation takes place. An overloaded or bandwidth constrained origin might have a negative impact on user experience.


Setup of Pull zones is an automatic process which takes place during your account creation process. If you would like to use PUSHR in Pull mode, select the "I'll use my own storage" option during your signup. You will then be prompted to enter the URL of your website/service.

Switching from Push to Pull mode

In order to switch from Push to Pull mode, please open a support ticket or start a live chat with PUSHR's support.