CDN Push

CDN Push allows you to store your content directly within PUSHR CDN's network, on a highly optimised storage nodes with high speed uplinks. This approach ensures stable and fast cache fill operations for the whole network and let's you offload the costs and administration burden of using self-managed storage servers and devices. PUSHR's storage solution is scalable and maintenance-free, and is sold at increments of 100GB, which allows you to rent the exact amount of storage that you need in any given moment and pay only for that. Storage scaling is intantenious and additional space becomes available within 60 seconds of the scaling operation. Thanks to PUSHR's cloud billing model, scaling your storage up and down does not incur prorated fees and does not require additional funds to be deposited in your account.


Setup of Push zones is an automatic process which takes place during your account creation process. If you would like to use PUSHR's CDN storage, select the "I need CDN storage" option during your signup. A free 50GB storage account will be created for you and you will be able to upload files via FTP and API. Additional storage can be purchased from your account's dashboard at any time in increments of 100GB.

FTP login data

Once your account has been created, your FTP credentials will become available under the CDN Settings menu in your account's dashboard.

API Upload

Your CDN storage supports file upload operations via PUSHR's API. Please visit the API Documentation page for further information.

Switching from Pull to Push mode

In order to switch from Pull to Push mode, please open a support ticket or start a live chat with PUSHR's support.