Bandwidth Settings

This article is outdated. An updated version will be released shortly. Please contact support for up-to-date information.

PUSHR allows you to define a hard limit on the bandwidth that your CDN could use, in order to prevent abuse and overage billing. Alternatively, you can set PUSHR to configure your limits for you so that your visitors are never starved for bandwidth during peaks.

Manual bandwidth selection

When auto scaling is disabled, you have to configure the maximum bandwidth that you want PUSHR to use to serve your content. This is easily done via the slider available in the CDN Bandwidth sub-menu. You can change your allocated bandwidth once per hour and changes will usually take less than 5 minutes become effective.

Auto scaling

Auto scaling removes all bandwidth limits and will rise your bandwidth allocation by the lowest possible amount to cover your service's needs. You will then be billed for the maximum sustained throughput that your visitors have generated. Short bandwidth spikes will be ignored.

When auto scaling is enabled, your CDN URL will no longer have port number appended to it. You will need to fix all links in your app, service or website.