CDN Shield

In the event of abuse or malicious activities (for unmetered plans) or excessive traffic usage (for metered plans) against your CDN service by a large group of attackers or users, PUSHR allows you to activate your CDN Shield. On unmetered plans the Shield enables a preconfigured set of limits that you would otherwise need to enable and set manually. It's purpose is to help you mitigate the attack while still allowing legitimate visitors to connect and download or stream your content with reasonable performance. Additionally, the Shield's behaviour greatly minimizes the amount of bandwidth consumed by the attackers in an attempt to protect you from bandwidth overages. On metered plans, the Shield will monitor traffic usage and will completely disable content delivery once all the included traffic with your plan has been used to protect you from overage billing.

Shield limits (unmetered plans)

  • 1 connection per IP address
  • 1000KB/s limit per connection
  • Bandwidth burst disabled
  • All activity is being logged for the purposes of the Smart CDN Firewall

Shield limits (metered plans)

On metered plans PUSHR's CDN Shield will switch to an overbilling protection mode to make sure your CDN zone is safe from generating overage traffic that could result in unplanned expenses. Once the included traffic with your plan has been exhausted, PUSHR will disable further delivery and will no longer serve content until the start of the next billing period. An email alert will be sent as soon as 75% of your available traffic has been used, followed by a second email confirming temporary zone deactivation once 100% of the included thraffic has been used.