CDN Storage

When PUSHR is used in Push mode, an FTP account is created on our storage array inside the CDN for you to upload your content. Like bandwidth, storage can be scaled up an down per your needs, but unlike with bandwidth, there is no auto scaling option.

Scaling your storage

You can use the slider in the storage submenu to adjust your storage allocation on the fly. Changes will take effect immeditately, and you are able to scale up or down once per hour

Double check your storage usage before scaling your allocation down. PUSHR will start deleting random files if they don't fit in your newly selected allocation.

FTP credentials

Your FTP credentials, as well as the FTP address are available under the FTP Server menu. Click on the yellow Login data button with the eye icon to reveal them. You can use any FTP client to upload your files, and if you don't have one, FileZilla is a good and free solution that works on Windows, MacOS and Linux.