CDN URL Configuration

In order for PUSHR to serve your content you need to replace the links in your website, service or app with the URL generated for you. This URL will look different if auto scaling is disabled, as it will include a port number that you must use at the end of the URL.

CDN URL with auto scaling

Auto Scaling is enabled by default for all accounts

When auto scaling is enabled, your CDN URL will look like a regular URL. Port number will be omitted. For traffic to start flowing through PUSHR you have to replace your existing links. becomes

CDN URL without auto scaling

With auto scaling set to OFF, It is recommended to check your bandwidth consumption often and adjust it according to your needs. Failure to do so will have a negative effect on your visitor's experience.

Without auto scaling, you define limits on the maximum bandwidth you would like your CDN to be able to use. To control your usage PUSHR will append a port number to your CDN URL which you must use, otherwise your content will not be served. becomes

Branding your CDN URL

You can brand your CDN URL for a more professional look. To do this you need to create a CNAME record with your DNS provider, and point this record to the CDN URL. will resolve to

Instructions on how to add a CNAME should be available on your DNS provider's website.

Even with a CNAME, you still need to append the provided port number if auto scaling is disabled.