Becoming a PUSHR Partner


PUSHR's partnership program is in active development and pilots with a limited number of partners. Please request access via a ticket from your PUSHR account or via email to

About PUSHR Partners

Partnering with PUSHR is easy. If you are an individual, as a verified partner you benefit from earning a fixed comission on every paid customer that you refer. Companies and services providers have the additional option to resell PUSHR's services to their customers as a white label offering, and get additional discounts on their accounts. Verified comissions are paid out twice a month and can be added as credit to your PUSHR account (no minimum amount), sent to you via PayPal (minimum amount: $50), paid via Stripe (minimum amount: $50), or via bank transfer (please contact support). 

Who can become a PUSHR partner?

Our partnership program is open to everyone including bloggers, vloggers, software developers, integrators, business owners, hosting and cloud providers and CMS plugin developers. As a partner you are not required to use PUSHR's services. However, it is always a good idea to have knowledge and even first hand experience regarding the services offered by us.

You can become a partner with a business or personal account and there are currently no limitations other than the specific restrictions listed below. 

Payment types, amounts and payment schedules

PUSHR Partners are paid out either in account credit which they could then use to pay for the services used by their account with PUSHR, or via payments made to their payment method of choice. Payouts depend on your account type - Individual or corporate:

Individual: For every new referal, 10% comission, with a maximum of $250 per sale, becomes eligible for payout 30 days after the referal makes their first payment to PUSHR. 

Individual: For every next payment made by the referal, 5% comission becomes eligible for payout 30 days after the referal makes their payment to PUSHR. 

• Eligible comissions are paid out on 1st and 15th of every month

• Comissions that have not been paid out within one year following the date of becoming eligible will be considered expired and will no longer be eligible for a payout.

Validation of commissions

For a commission to be considered valid and eligible for payout, the following guidelines need to be observed and taken into account:

• Partners should not use their affiliate link on websites or in other materials that may include defamatory, abusive or otherwise illegal content

• Partners should, when required by the law in their country of residency or operation, include a disclaimer regarding the fact they they will be receiving a commission from PUSHR when a user registers and makes payment on PUSHR's website

• Partners should not use PUSHR's name, or menton any of it's services, in a manner that may cause damage, financial or not, to the PUSHR brand

• Payments made by referals should not be subject to an extended hold by the third-party payment processor

• Payments made by referals would not be considered validated and eligible for payout if after making a payment, the referal initiates a chargeback procedure. 

Payout invoicing

PUSHR generates invoices on behalf of it's partners automatically twice a month: in the last day of the month, and on 14th day of the month. These invoices include all verified unpaid earnings and are sent via email to the partner for approval. Partners need to approve the invoices by clicking the approval link in the email sent by PUSHR and if they do, they will receive their payment during the next day, or the first business day following the payout date (if weekend/holiday). If the partner is unable to approve the invoice, it will be invalidated by end of business hours on the following day and all unpaid earnings will be added to the next payout invoice. 

Where VAT tax is applicable (partner is a business entity located in Bulgaria or the United Kingdom), the total amount of the payout will include that VAT charge.