How to use push (storage) CDN zones

Push zones allow you to use PUSHR SFS file storage solution to host your content directly inside our CDN. SFS is very simple to use and since it is a fully managed storage solution, you don't need to do any maintenance or planning when you upload your files. 

1. Create a push (storage) zone

To start, go to the CDN tab in your account dashboard and click on Create push zone:

Creating a CDN push (storage_ zone

A window will pop up asking you to name your new zone. This name can be anything you like. If you want to create more zones later, this name will help you to distinguish  them. A zone is simply a set of settings that tell PUSHR how you want your content to be delivered and each zone can have it's own settings. 

2. Find your FTP server details or use the web file manager

With your new zone created, click on it to enter it's management panel. From then, click on Origins & Hostnames. You will see two tabs - The upper tab is called Origin Servers and it will display a FTP server address, username, password and content folder:

How to use CDN push zone with storage

• Web File Manager
To upload and manage your files directly from your browser, click on the File Manager button. A new browser tab will open. To find more about the features of the file manager, please read the blog post.

• Via FTP
Using your favourite FTP client, you can connect to this storage space that was automatically created for your new CDN zone. Inside you will see a directory that is named the same way that you've named your CDN zone. Upload all your content there. 

• Via the storage API
PUSHR's storage API makes it easy to automate file management and to integrate with third party apps. API documentation.

• Via Rsync
You can request Rsync support by opening a ticket from your account.

3. Start serving your content to your visitors

The lower tab on the page is named CDN Hostnames. It will display a unique address which is directly connected to your storage space. Everything that you upload to your storage will be accessible directly from this address.

CDN Push (storage) zones explained

If you upload a file named image.jpg , it immediately becomes accessible from https://[your-cdn-hostname]/image.jpg

If you are using the web file manager, you can copy the download link directly from the Copy link option in the file menu:

copy link

You are all set! Once your visitors start loading your content from the link, you will see analytics data showing up in the Traffic Analytics section of the dashboard. If you want to, you can also create additional hostname where your content can be downloaded from. These can be branded for a more professional look (for example, . To do this, continue reading here.