Kompressor Engine

PUSHR Kompressor engine

Kompressor is PUSHR's automatic content optimization engine. It minfies and rewrites CSS and JS files, converts images to Webp format to increase page speed and improve SEO scores, and resizes content for mobile devices. 

Get involved

Kompressor enters early preview shortly. To get access, please open a ticket from your account and briefly describe your use case. During this preview stage we may ask for your feedback and suggestions.


Kompressor is an asynchronious engine with near realtime processing of content. When an image, CSS or JS file is delivered via PUSHR's CDN for the first time, Kompressor will optimize the file and will store the optimized copy. Subsequent requests for this file will then be responded to with the optimized version. Images in Webp format are delivered to web browsers that advertise support for the format via the Accept header.

Kompressor's JS rewriting and minification module may generate javascript files that are not compatible with Internet Exploler version 8. 


Convert images to WebP
PUSHR will convert your JPG and PNG images to WebP format to reduce their size and optimize loading times. Webp images will be delivered to supported browsers while the original image format will be used as a fallback on older devices.
Minify Javascript
Comments, white spaces and redundant code will be removed from Javascript files to reduce their size, and functions may be rewritten where possible. By default all JS files are processed, except for those that end in .min.js
Minify CSS
PUSHR will automatically compress and minify CSS stylesheets to reduce their size. Files ending in min.css are assumed to already have already been minified and will not be processed.
Optimize for mobile
Mobile devices will be served resized images with lower resolution for optimized loading times and SEO. 


• Kompressor requires origin shield to be enabled in your CDN pull zone.
• Note that if multi-region origin load balancing is enabled from the advanced settings of your pull zone, content will be processed on per-region basis. 
In a multi-region origin load balancing mode, PUSHR uses a separate shield server for each of your origins. On each of these shields, a separate Kompressor instance is running that will only be triggered when the first request from a visitor in this region has being made for a given file. As an example, users from North America may already be served the optimized version, but when the first request from Asia comes, it will be served the original file and the local Kompressor instance will be triggered to create an optimized copy for all subsequent requests from this region.


Kompressor is free of charge for unlimited use and can be activated on all CDN Pull zones.