• Traffic statistics

    Returns traffic usage data for the selected period. Both traffic statistics per CDN zone and per hostname are available.

  • Get zone configuration

    Returns a JSON object containing the current configuration settings of the CDN zone.

  • List all zones

    Lists all CDN zones in the customer account.

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    We are updating the articles in this section to reflect recent changes in our streaming API. Please check again shortly.

  • Obtaining your API key

    To interact with PUSHR's API you need to obtain an API key. Your API key is automatically generated once you fill in your account profile. To do this, please visit your account's dashboard, click on the profile link in the navigation menu on the left.

  • Cache purge

    Purge content from the CDN edge cache.

  • Content prefetch

    Manually push new content to the CDN edge cache.

  • Delete a file

    Deletes a file from the SFS storage space associated with a particular CDN zone.