Terms of Service

These Terms & Conditions, in conjunction with the Privacy Policy and other terms and conditions of use which are incorporated herein by reference and may be applicable to specific services, govern your use of PUSHR CDN and are collectively referred to as the "Agreement".

1. Introduction

PushrCDN.com (hereinafter: "PUSHR" and "the service") provides data storage and caching services to its customers based on the following provisions: PUSHR provides its users with an infrastructure which enables the user to upload, store and share digital information in the form of electronic files. All files are treated confidentially by PUSHR. The files present physically on PUSHR's servers are not being catalogued, nor listed by the service. PUSHR also provides temporary caching capabilities where the service acts as an electronic communication medium for data originating from a third-party's infrastructure.

2. Rules

The service allows for uploading, storing and/or sharing information irrespective of the file format. Storing, sharing, uploading, downloading and/or distributing information which, or part of it, is a content that may be illegal, abusive or copyrighted by third parties is prohibited. In the event such content is stored on PUSHR's storage servers, it will be promptly removed when PUSHR has been notified of it. Should the content be stored on servers outside of PUSHR's infrastructure, the service may notify the ISP of the origin and forward takedown notices and complaints to them. PUSHR is entitled to terminate without notice the contractual relationship with users who infringe repeatedly upon these rules.

2.1. Minimum age requirements

Usage of PUSHR CDN services by customers under the age of 14 is forbidden and no financial loss incurred on behalf of a parent or a guardian, or another affected party, shall be reimbursed by the service.

3. Usage

At its discretion, PUSHR shall provide its users with administration, storage and caching capacities. It is entitled to temporarily prohibit the saving of new files, set limits for the maximum possible file sizes, to limit the transfer speed, as well as to restrict or modify all aspects of the service in future. The users are obliged to keep user names and passwords of their accounts confidential. It is not permitted to forward user names and passwords to third parties. It is forbidden to use the login data in a way a third party and/or software could activate an operating sequence (e.g. upload, download, changing the account settings) with the help of the forwarded login data that is used to access PUSHR, except for an authorized activities via PUSHR's API interface. Such authorization is automatically granted with the generation of an unique API key. Any damages, that arise from negligent forwarding of passwords, or unauthorized access to accounts, shall not be reimbursed by PUSHR.

4. Service cancellation

Unless explicitly requested by the customer, all services rendered by PUSHR CDN on a month-to-month basis shall automatically renew at the start of the next billing period. In order to cancel any or all services provided to them, the customer agrees to be bound to request cancelation from PUSHR CDN via electronic mail to hello@pushrcdn.com no less than 7 business days prior to the start of the next billing period.

5. Customers' rights

Users of PUSHR'S infrastructure and services can exercise the option of expanding their accounts with chargeable bandwidth and storage increments, as well as by purchasing optional features from their control panel, so that they can use additional services and improvements, such as bandwidth and storage capacity expansion and others. Further information about paid services is posted on PUSHR's website and is accessible by both registered and non-registered users. Paid services may be also given away to random customers for free as part of a promotion or as a give away. Payment methods, pricing and services are described in full detail on PUSHR's website.

6. Customers' obligations

6.1. Law compliance

The customer agrees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations that may apply to their usage of PUSHR CDN's infrastructure both in their respective country of residence and in Republic of Bulgaria.

6.2. Infrastructure usage

The customer agrees to not make attempts to misuse the features available to them via PUSHR CDN's automated control panel (the dashboard), where a misuse is considered to be any attempt to alternate, break, or use the automated control panel in a way it has not been designed to operate, or for purposes other than the functionalities available through it. Where misuse of the control panel may lead to financial loss on behalf of PUSHR CDN, the customer agrees to be held liable for any damages caused to a full extend.

6.3. Account credit

In order to use any or all services provided by PUSHR, as well as to maintain their account in a good state, the customer agrees to maintain a positive balance in their account at all times.

6.4. Overdues and outstanding amounts

The customer agrees and explicitly grants PUSHR CDN and it's parent company, Net Stack Ltd, a permission to use services provided by local and international legally authorised third parties for the purposes of debt collection where debt is defined as any outstanding amount(s) owed for services rendered by PUSHR CDN and used partially or in full by the customer that PUSHR CDN has been unable to collect from the customer in a reasonable time frame.

Where the collection process incurs legal or other unforseen fees on behalf of PUSHR or the third party services authorised to act on behalf of PUSHR to collect a debt, the customer agrees these fees to be added to the amount(s) owed by them.

7. Data

All data stored on PUSHR servers should be not solely relied on. The service, as in terms of technical availability, is prone to errors, disasters and other force major events that may interrupt its availability temporary or permanently. Users of the service are strongly advised to keep copies of the files they upload to PUSHR. In the event of hardware failure or service discontinuance where data loss or data unavailability may occur, the service shall not be held liable for any financial or other loss caused to it's customers.

7.1. Data deletion

The customer agrees that in the event of account suspension PUSHR CDN has no obligation to store customer uploaded files or custom infrastructure configuration, including physical infrastructure, that may have been deployed as part of a private agreement between the service and the customer for a period longer than 3 days since the date of suspension. The customer agrees that in such situation, the service may cancel or return any or all infrastructure equipment specifically rented from third parties for the purposes of the private agreement to avoid financial loss, and the customer shall then be billed a re-activation fee should they wish to make use of the this same infrastructure or configuration after the 3-day period has passed.

Where a dispute might occur the customer agrees to contact PUSHR CDN via sending an electronic mail to hello@pushrcdn.com and PUSHR CDN agrees to be bound to attempt to resolve the dispute in a good will, with regards to all applicable laws in Republic of Bulgaria. Where the situation has not been resolved to the satisfaction of the customer and a legal action is required, the customer agrees all legal disputes to be governed by the applicable laws of Republic of Bulgaria, and to be carried out under Bulgarian jurisdiction.