* Prices exclude VAT. Minimum account top up: $25. Additional CDN storage: $2.5/month per 100GB. Free trial is limited to 1TB of data and ends 7 days after registration. No payment information required.

Unmetered plans with burstable billing

Our unmetered bandwidth option comes with 95th precentile (burstable) billing to give you a burst in traffic without overage fees. You can safely peak beyond your commited bandwidth for 5% of the time during the month for free.

How much bandwidth do you need?

Starting at 100Mbps with no traffic limits, our unmetered offering with flat rate pricing brings big cost savings to bandwidth intensive apps and websites where metered solutions fall short and per-gigabyte pricing is not feasible.

$50 / month
95th percentile, billed monthly. Overage: $1/Mbps


Metered monthly & pay-as-you-go plans

Our metered plans come in two flavours - billed monthly with substantial discounts based on the amount of purchased traffic or
pay-as-you-go with non-expiring credit, no monthly commitments and no traffic overages.

1TB - 5TB


  • Cost per GB: $0.01
  • Overage: $0.03/GB
  • Billed monthly

6TB - 10TB


  • Cost per GB: $0.009
  • Overage: $0.025/GB
  • Billed monthly

11TB and up


  • Cost per GB: $0.008
  • No Overages
  • Billed monthly

Pay As You Go


  • Cost per GB: $0.014
  • No Overages
  • Non-expiring credit

Stream to any device

Starting at $10/month $0 per stream with included output in original resolution, you can configure up to 5 additional output presets
for a low extra cost to create the ultimate adaptive bitrate HLS experience on every device.

Remux: FREE 360p: +$5 480p: +$5 576p: +$5 720p: +$10 1080p: +$15

Go Live limited special

$0 per stream
Go live with our limited streaming offer. Add as many streams as you need for free
and pay only for the bandwidth or data traffic used by your viewers.

*New customers only. Transcoding not included.

Ready for a spin? Your free 7-day trial awaits you!

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