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Introducing Sonic:
The object storage built for speed

Store and serve any number of small and large files with exceptional performance and great durability. Sonic is S3-compatible, strikingly cost-efficient and powered by PUSHR's global CDN.

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Scalable object storage

Scale As You Grow

Your object storage space grows with you. From a single GB to multiple petabytes with no commitments, upfront investments or infrastructure planning.

Designed for speed

Designed For Speed

Sonic spots a distributed metadata store for O(1) disk seek, in-memory maps, and is integrated with PUSHR's CDN for blazing fast file delivery.

Durable object storage

Built Durable

Sonic applies 2x replication on hot data for maximum performance and availability. Warm data is erasure coded for nine nines of durability.

Infinitely scalable object storage. Shrinking bills.

Billions of small files or 8K video, Sonic stores and delivers content without limits. It comes with pay-as-you-go billing, tiered pricing and a price-to-performance ratio that is next to none.
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Per GB per month

  • First 50TB stored: $0.008/GB
  • Each next GB: $0.005/GB
  • No API & request fees
  • $0.01/GB CDN egress

Forget unpredictible request fees. Pay only for storage size and CDN egress traffic.

Traditional object storage services bill for file operations which can add up quickly and are the hardest charge to predict. With Sonic you are billed only for storage size and egress traffic. There are also no hidden file retention requirements or storage-to-traffic ratio policies.

All file management and delivery calls are free

There is no limit on the number of file operations you are allowed to perform. They will never be billed.

No hidden limits or requirements

Pay for stored GB and used CDN egress traffic. Store 1 GB and deliver it 1 million times or the other way around. Achieve high durability for each stored object at no extra cost.

Charges apply only to actual occupied space

If you delete an object, it is no longer billed. Sonic has no retention period requirements and shadow charges. Replicated and erasure coded chunks are not accounted for.

Works with existing code and the tools your team loves.

Sonic supports a large number of file management tools to help you work with your content efficiently.

S3 API, FTP, web file manager and Rsync

Manage your files via Sonic's S3-compatible API (including AWS CLI, s3cmd, s3fs), any FTP client, the web-based file manager or request Rsync/Rclone access to synchronize large amounts of data.

99.999% availability.
99.9999999% durability.

Smart handling of stored data guarantees maximum performance without sacrificing short and long term file availability. High durability is achieved without the need for expensive multi-region replication.

2x replication on file upload

Hot data is replicated for maximum performance and instant durability.

Erasure coding for warm data

Warm data is erasure coded with 10 data and 2 parity shards. Shards are distributed across the cluster with a cumulative probability of 2.895e-13 of not losing a file, or as otherwise known, nine nines.

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GDPR compliant object storage in the EU.

Sonic stores data in full compliance with EU privacy laws out of Germany, with physical servers located in data centers in Nuremberg and Falkenstein.

ISO-27001 certified data centers

Content stored on Sonic's infrastructrue is subject to the established information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection management system of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard, with the required regular assessment and treatment of information security risks.


Powered by open source

Sonic is built on the amazing work of the people behind SeaweedFS. 


Pricing that few can match.

Storing up to 50TB costs $0.008 per GB stored. Beyond 50TB, every next GB stored is billed at $0.005. There are no API fees. Egress traffic is routed via our global edge network and starts at $0.008/GB.

COST PER GB from $0.005 $0.005 +0% $0.021 +320% $0.020 +300%
EGRESS FEES from $0.008/GB $0.01/GB +20% from $0.05/GB +420% $0.12/GB +1120%
REQUEST FEES $0 $0.004 +100% from $0.0004 +100% from $0.004 +100%
*Data presented in the table is assumed to be correct at the time of publishing, based on lowest publicly available pricing. PUSHR gathers this data from public sources and can not guarantee its correctness.

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