Dedicated encoding with up to 40 threads

H264 output from 480p to 4K

Fully automated via "watch folders"

Support for large range of devices

Event hooks and callback support

Unlimited transcodes and no overage fees

How it works

We create a special folder on your FTP. Videos uploaded there are encoded automatically.

Wait for encoding to complete or let PUSHR make a request to an endpoint of your choice automatically.

Deliver the encdoded video to your viewers in perfect quality via your account's CDN URL.

Blazing performance for every budget

Our range of dedicated encoders has been carefully selected to provide efficient and fast video transcoding to both small and large customers. Starting at just $39/month with no limits on the number, resolution or length of transcoded videos PUSHR's platform allows you to significantly reduce your costs for servers and management.
Already big on video? Our dedicated instances can offer up to 40 threads for a blazing fast encoding. Custom clustered solutions are also available on demand.

Estimated speed: 5x
Estimated speed: 15x
Estimated speed: 28x
Estimated speed: 45x

Transcoding speeds are estimated and based upon PUSHR's own tests with 720p source videos in the following formats: MOV,M4V,MKV,AVI.

Let's find your solution together!

With nearly 8 years of experience our team will help you in choosing the optimal solution according to your needs, as well as with it's integration in your website, mobile app, service or script. Use the chat button in the bottom right corner or get in touch with us at!