Video CDN

Fast video delivery via our global CDN

Eliminate buffering

Tuned for delivery of MP4 and HLS, our network eliminates buffering.

Smooth playback

Videos in any resolution play smoothly and without stuttering.

Automatic encoding

Ensure compatibility with desktop, mobile, STB and SmartTV.

Video protection

Your content is secured via tokens and domain lock protection.

Accelerate your videos and eliminate buffering

We accelerate your videos via our global network with 28 points of presence on 5 continents. Each viewer is automatically connected to the closest server for a smooth, buffering-free VOD experience.

PUSHR CDN network PoPs map
North America
Montreal, CA
Chicago, US
New York, US
Ashburn, US
Lenoir, US
Atlanta, US
Miami, US
Dallas, US
Denver, US
Los Angeles, US
Seattle, US (Planned)
London, UK
Amsterdam, NL
Naaldwijk, NL
Stockholm, SE
Frankfurt, DE
Paris, FR
Milan, IT
Madrid, ES
Prague, CZ
Bucharest, RO
Sofia, BG
Moscow, RU

Extended network
Mumbai, IN
Bangalore, IN
Seoul, KR
Tokyo, JP
Sydney, AU
São Paulo, BR

Video CDN Features

On Any Device

PUSHR's optional video encoding service includes our carefully crafted video presets, adjusted to your requirements for guaranteed delivery across a wide range of devices including web browsers, smartphones, tablets, STB and Smart TV. With fixed monthly cost and unlimited number of encoding tasks, your dedicated video encoder is integrated in your CDN cloud storage and automatically produces MP4 and HLS variants of your videos in multiple resolutions, bitrates and codec levels.


Video CDN Storage

PUSHR's Cloud Storage is integrated into our video CDN and allows you to store your video content in the heart of our network, eliminating the need for storage backends and file servers. Available via FTP and API, your storage space can scale up and down in 100GB increments, and is billed on a pay-as-you-grow basis where you are charged only for the amount of space that you use.

Video Protection

Protect your MP4 and HLS-VOD content from unauthorized viewing and linking by third parties. With PUSHR you can sign video URLs automatically with secure tokens, lock video views to your domain, block offending websites from linking your content via referer controls and deny access to abusive visitors by IP and country.

Video protection via secure tokens

CDN Integration API

Upload, Delete, Pre-cache and Purge your video files programatically with PUSHR's CDN API. Armed with blazing fast cache purge and content deletion, it is trivial to integrate PUSHR CDN in your workflow and existing applications for a fully automated, hassle-free content management, storage & VOD delivery.

Customers: Alteox Sarl

Sven Breckler


Thank you for your great support! PUSHR is a really flexible and dynamic CDN partner.

Customers: Bluelight Media Group

Daniel Tylor

Bluelight Media Group

PUSHR CDN has helped us grow and provided us with an easy to use video streaming service. This has enabled us to spend more time on our website, removing the hassle and burden of video management.

Customers: Ontario Limited

Jay Sun

Ontario Limited

PUSHR is the most cost efficient CDN for any startup company. I'm very happy with the growth of our product after choosing them.

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