Build scalable apps & services

Scale faster with multi-origin & multi-region load balancing and geo-located origin shields.

Multi-Region Balancing

Load balance between application servers across multiple cloud regions and cloud vendors. Improve latency and speed up requests for uncached content.

Multi-Origin Balancing

Scale out web services, mobile apps and media delivery seamlessly by adding multiple content origins. Load balance between them directly from the CDN.

Extended Analytics

Analyze daily, monthly and yearly usage statistics based on CDN zone, hostname, content and country in your dashboard. RAW logs are also available.

Origin load balancers

PUSHR's origin load balancers are integrated into our global edge network, making it easy to use multiple origin servers for your content. Round Robin, Primary+Secondary, Least Connections and Latency-based Multi-Region modes are supported, with automatic health checks and proactive failover. 

High availability

If an origin becomes unavailable, content is pulled from the next healthy origin in the group.

Distributed storage backends support

Content does not need to be replicated across your origins. If a file is missing from one origin PUSHR will automatically try the rest.

Rapid service scale out

Remove and add origin servers without downtime and service interruptions.

Geo-located origin shields

Geo-located origin shields run on our edge network to minimize the number of requests from our CDN to your origin servers. They work as a middle-tier cache and the shield closest to your origins is automatically selected to ensure high-speed cache fill operations. Single points of failure are eliminated with shields being temporarily bypassed in the event of outage. 

Origin server protection

CDN cache is being populated with a single request from the shield, reducing the risk for origin overloads.

Optimized performance for uncached content

The shield physically closest to your origins is used to maximize performance and minimize delays.

Improved content availability

Acting as a middle layer cache, shields improve content availability during origin outages by 90%.

Microcaching for APIs and dynamic content

Scale dynamic and often-changing content delivery by caching for intervals as low as 1 second. PUSHR's microcache provides a significant performance increase and load reduction for services where data changes frequently.

Live score APIs

Live APIs increase the number of users they can handle while providing data with nearly zero delay.

Trading platforms

Trading charts and data benefit from increased performance with near realtime updades.

News websites

Fast-developing stories benefit from micro caching while updates reach readers with minimum delay.

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