Fast starting videos
and less buffering

Smooth video playback
without interruptions

Pseudo streaming with
smooth seeking

Works with any
video player

Content, vistors
and bandwidth statistics

Unlimited traffic
without restrictions

Deliver your videos faster with PUSHR's optimised platform.
Reduce server load & costs.

PUSHR CDN is optimised to serve large amounts of video content to your customers at a high speed. Our edge cache servers keep copies of your video files on their SSD drives and are ready to stream them on demand.

Bandwidth Saving Technology
PUSHR's advanced bandwidth saving technology delivers the first seconds of your video at maximum speed to ensure a fast start of the playback, after which throttles down the connection just enough to keep the stream smooth. This greatly reduces your bandwidth usage and allows you to serve more simultaneous viewers with less bandwidth compared to competitive services.

Flat rate pricing
With it's flat rate pricing, PUSHR's video CDN is one of the most cost effective solutions on the market used by small and large websites, apps and services. Your expenses are always predictable and as you grow you are in full control of what you spend. Scaling is easy too - You can add or subtract from your bandwidth plan on the fly.

Stop hotlinking
Secure tokens make your videos impossible to hotlink. Your content can be played only from the website or app that generates the token and only by visitors who have tokens generated for them.

Integrate anywhere
It is easy to start using PUSHR on your website or in your app and no development work is required. Our video CDN can pull and cache your content from your own website, or you can upload the videos to our fast and efficient FTP storage. To start using pushr you simply need to replace the links on your website with a link that PUSHR generates for you and the traffic will start flowing through your CDN. Our platform also works with every video script that supports CDN Pull or/and CDN Push.