Fast starting videos
and less buffering

Smooth video playback
without interruptions

Pseudo streaming with
smooth seeking

Works with any
video player

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Unlimited traffic
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PUSHR makes your videos load faster.

PUSHR's Video CDN is a fast content delivery network optimized to stream your website's videos to your viewers without buffering or playback interruptions. Our CDN service makes copies of your video content on it's multiple servers around the world so when a visitor on your website plays a video PUSHR CDN serves it from the closest server in the network. Since your content is physically closer to your visitors, the videos load fast and buffering is eliminated.

Integrating PUSHR is easy and takes minutes. All you have to do is to replace the links on your website with a link that we provide for you and all your video traffic will start flowing through our network. Because your videos are streamed from our network, the load and bandwidth consumption on the server that hosts your website will be heavily reduced, providing further cost savings to you.

EU, US, CA, SA, RU & Asia Dedicated Edge Cache Space In-Stream Failover Hotlink Protection 99.95% Uptime SLA

Video on Demand.

You can store your video files on your own server or directly inside PUSHR CDN's secure FTP storage. Our content delivery network will cache a copy of the videos and will stream them to your viewers progressively (also known as pseudo streaming). Pseudo streaming allows the browser of the visitor to download the video in chunks, thus eliminating the need to wait for the whole file to be downloaded before playback could be started.

MP4 progressive streaming Fast Start Less Buffering


Live Streaming and Restreaming

PUSHR CDN will pull, cache and restream your live video content for you, acting as an amplifier. Instead of streaming to hunderds of viewers, you only need to stream to our cache servers, which in turn will redistribute the stream to your whole audience. Lower costs, happier viewers and less hassle for you.

Don't have a streaming server?
Our VOD transcoding nodes can act like RTMP targets, with multiple simultaneous streams, live encoding and blazing fast delivery via our global CDN cache.


Encode for any device.

PUSHR's dedicated encoding servers are seamlessly integrated inside your CDN storage. Capable of prepearing video for the web in any resolution, including adaptive video streaming via HLS, they ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices regardless of the their connection speed.

H264, HEVC, HLS and RTMP Support Dedicated streaming & encoding servers Automatic VOD encoding


Scalable FTP storage for your content.

Scalable CDN storage is offered inside our video content delivery service for even further speed optimization. Sitting at the heart of our network, our storage array allows you to upload and store all your content in a secured environment accessible over FTP and API. This brings further reduction in costs and ensures fast and reliable cache fill operations. CDN Storage is provided in 100GB increments and can be scaled up and down on demand. When you need more, just add more.

RAID10 Storage One-Click Scaling FTP & API Uploads

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