The easy way to scale out web services and video.

PUSHR is a robust cloud-centric Content Delivery Network with an integrated live streaming platform.


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A CDN for the Cloud

PUSHR's advanced features allow for rapid scalability of new and existing projects. The geo located origin shield with multi-origin/multi-region load balancing support is our vendor-agnostic, highly available solution for SAAS, web services and mobile apps ready to grow. 

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Live Streaming Platform

We actively develop and maintain one of the simplest, yet powerful live streaming platforms, directly integrated inside our video-optimized CDN. Launch live streams in seconds either via our streaming dashboard, or our streaming API, and deliver them in adaptive bitrate HLS to any number of viewers. 

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SFS: Scalable File Storage,
billed hourly.

SFS provides storage for your content directly inside our CDN. Fast, reliable and fully managed, it comes with hourly billing per GB of stored data for maximum flexibility and zero upfront investments.

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