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What is a Content Delivery Network?

PUSHR CDN brings your content physically closer to your customers and eliminates network congestions, bottlenecks, latency spikes, video buffering, slow downloads and origin load.
Your data is accelerated via a network of high-throughput data centres located around the globe, ensuring smooth experience for your customers, resilience against unexpected traffic spikes and high uptime guarantee for your business, irrespective of traffic levels.


One-Click Control

With our custom-built control panel you can manage every aspect of your CDN easily. View global visitors, bandwidth and traffic statistics, enable content protection, rate limits, IP address blocking, download RAW logs and more. For free.

Anycast DNS + GeoIP Routing

Instant delivery of your content thanks to the anycast routing algorithm. PUSHR CDN's name servers operate from 11 global locations in an always-online configuration to accelerate your CDN zone's DNS resolving, while GeoIP routing logic selects one of our global edge locations that is closest to your customers to serve the requested content as fast as possible.


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