HLS live streaming CDN

Stream live events and TV channels to local and global audiences
in adaptive bitrate HLS with excellent quality.

Engage your audience anywhere, on any device.

Overcome multi-screen delivery challenges. Allow your viewers to enjoy your live broadcasts and TV programming everywhere - on the go, in the bed or infront of the TV screen.

  • Deliver content to web, mobile, STB and Smart TVs
  • Protect your streams and control access
  • Boost user experience with stunning quality up to 4K
Live streaming CDN with Multi-screen video support


Support for live streaming to mobile, web, STB and SMART TV devices

Supreme experience on any device

Broadcast to any internet-enabled device including mobile, desktop, STB, and Smart TV. Adaptive bitrate streaming with resolutions up to 4K.

Content delivery network with 23 points of presence

Maximum reach of your content

With 23 points of presence around the world, our Live Streaming CDN can handle tens of thousands of viewers without stream interruptions.

Monetization of live streaming video

Explore new revenue channels

Advanced access control makes it possible to lock your premium content behind paywalls and to offer subscriptions without the risk of content leakage.

Advanced stream protection and access control

Protect & secure your content

Unauthorized redistribution and viewing of your content is eliminated via advanced access restriction control methods.

Live video analytics

Take control over your streams

Start, stop, create and destroy streams when you need to with our fully featured self-service control panel.

Live streaming to Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and more

Social streaming

You can push your live streams to Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and other third party services, and have the adaptive bitrate HLS stream from our CDN embedded in your websites and apps at the same time.

Streaming Workflow

From ingestion to delivery, PUSHR's Live Streaming CDN provides a plug-n-play solution that is easy to integrate and runs in the cloud.

Video Source

Video feed from your broadcasting equipment

Push over IP

You send your broadcast to our ingestion servers via RTMP over the internet, or we deploy an ingestion infrastructure on premises

Pull over IP

We ingest your broadcast from published MPEG-TS, HLS or MPEG-DASH formats over the internet. We colocate ingestion servers closer to your equipment if necessary

Satellite feed ingestion

Where other options are not viable, PUSHR ingests your broadcast from standard unencrypted satellite signals

Adaptive bitrate encoding

up to 4K

Stream Protection

Secure token authentication and domain lock protection are applied

Adaptive HLS for any device

The processed stream is ready to be embeded in web sites, STB platforms and mobile apps

RTMP Push to other services

The broadcast can be pushed simultaneously to one or many third party platforms including Facebook, Twitch and Youtube. Custom RTMP servers and CDN services are also supported.

Integration support

We are happy to help you with HTML5 player integration and setup.

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Our content delivery network has 23 points of presence and is optimized for smooth video delivery.

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