Guaranteed bandwidth capacity in all regions

High availability via
6-second failover

Hand-picked DCs in each location

Direct access to major internet exchanges (IX)

Edge monitoring for real time optimisation

99.95% uptime SLA included

Low latency, solid reliabilty.

The demanding nature of video streaming and long-running software downloads requires that we hand-pick locations offering the lowest latency and highest throughput to ISPs in regions of high interest. Opposite of other CDNs, we offer truly unmetered bandwidth, guaranteed and available 24/7/365, backed by a 99.95% uptime SLA thanks to our custom-built high availability with an industry leading failover times of only 6 seconds. Powered by 100% SSD edge cache servers, a non-federated platform and a mid-layer cache, all PUSHR locations offer guaranteed performance for every project, small or big, in an as cost-effective manner as possible.

On-demand PoPs with dedicated edge cache

In addition to our constantly expanding number of active points of presence (PoPs) in Europe and North America, we also offer on-demand bandwdith in Russia, India, Singapore and South Africa with dedicated SSD edge cache for near 100% cache hit ratio and superb streaming expereince for your Asian, Eurasian and African visitors.

Network test

*The following PoPs do not serve test content: Moscow, Johhanesbourg, Pune.