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Global delivery of your adult content

Fast loading videos & images

Our global network of servers caches and delivers your content from the location closest to the visitor for ultimate performance.

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Content protection

With secure tokens and domain lock your adult content can not be embedded and hot-linked by unauthorized third parties.

Managed CDN cloud storage

Host your videos and images directly inside PUSHR. Scale as you grow and pay only for what you use.

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Great performance. Easy setup.

We deliver your adult video and images via our global network with data centers in Europe, North America , South America, Australia and Asia. This guarantees smooth video streaming and blazing fast loading images for your visitors.
At the heart of our CDN is our managed cloud storage, which provides high performance and scalability at low cost. It takes just a minute to integrate PUSHR with your Wordpress, AVS, MechBunny, KVS or ElevatedX website.

Adult video hosting and managed CDN Storage

Host your adult content on RAID10 storage arrays inside PUSHR CDN. With guaranteed high durability and optimized performance for video delivery, our Cloud CDN Storage allows you to scale as you grow, while keeping costs low and removing the burden of storage servers management. 
No upfront payments, no planning, no limits. 

Sonic Object Storage

With hourly billing per GB stored, Sonic is a scalable managed storage for your adult content where you only pay for what you use. 

Easy to integrate in your favorite adult CMS

Accessible via FTP, your storage space is supported by and can be easily integrated in many Adult CMS.

Flexible and affordable 

From $0.005/GB per month, Sonic provides you with cost effectiveness as you grow at a linear and easy to predict pricing.

Mobile-ready and optimized for performance.

Optional video encoding of your adult videos ensures smooth playback on mobile devices and eliminates the need to run CPU-heavy processing of different resolutions, video thumbnails, posters, and trial versions of your content. Your shared hosting or VPS server only needs to handle the website itself. PUSHR does the heavy lifting of delivering your videos smoothly, without buffering.

Seamless viewing on any device

Your content loads faster and plays flawlessly on any device, including old and new smartphones & tablets, STBs, web browsers and media players.

Automatic creation of auxiliary content

Trailers, thumbnails and still shots can be created automatically during the ecnoding process.

Traffic savings

Our carefully crafted video presets use as little traffic as possible without sacrificing video quality.

Adult Video Protection

Prevention of content theft and content leakage is built into our network. Be it a public tube or a private membership site, you are in control of who accesses, shares and embeds your content.

Secure tokens

Sign every request to your content automatically to ensure only the right members get access to it.

Domain lock

Stop third party websites from embedding and linking directly to your content without authorization.

Small tubes to large adult networks.

Our customers range from small adult web masters to producers and large established adult networks. Here is what they say about their experience with us:

  • “We're glad to say thanks for all the struggle you've made with our improvements. We're happy for the helpful people working there and also thankful for the opinions and ideas.”

We've received all grade A from! And we have not had a single complaint since we've switched over to PUSHR.


If you want an affordable CDN, we'd highly recommend PUSHR. We use them for our entertainment network of websites and it works brilliantly with our video player. We've been with PUSHR CDN for about a year and a half and it beats all of the big names on price and customer service and matches on reliability and uptime.

Bluelight Media

Finally everything on our websites works great.
Thank you!


If anyone is reading this and likes a human being but technical hands on approach with a technical person who will talk you through things as they are doing it then yes we recommend PUSHR CDN.

It's a hard to match service.

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