SFS Scalable File Storage background

SFS: Scalable File Storage

A managed high-performance origin for your CDN content,
billed hourly at $0.015/GB per month.

Scale As You Grow

Your storage space grows with you. From a single GB to multiple terabytes with no upfront investments and tedious infrastructure planning.

$0.00002016/GB per hour

SFS is billed hourly per GB stored. No payments for unused space, no monthly metering. If you'd occupy 1GB for a whole month, it would cost $0.015.

Free Internal+Inbound Traffic

Upload traffic towards your storage, traffic between storages, the shields and the edge nodes of our CDN is free. Outbound is billed at CDN rates.

A fully managed origin for your content.

PUSHR SFS storage is built for simplicity, reliability and high performance. From a large number of small files to 4K video content, SFS significantly improves the delivery of content while offering one of the world's most flexible pricing models. It's unique ActivePush technology nearly eliminates cache MISS responses, providing for smooth and speedy loading of your content by your visitors.

ActivePush: proactive content caching

SFS is armed with PUSHR's in-house ActivePush technology. It pre-caches newly uploaded content on the CDN edge for maximum performance from the very first request.

FTP, API, Rsync or web file manager

Manage your files via any FTP client, our storage API, the web-based file manager or request Rsync access to synchronize large amounts of data.

Fully managed

SFS eliminates the need to maintain and monitor dedicated or on-premise infrastructure and servers, and requires no prior experience. 

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