Adult CDN for video & images

Fast global delivery of your adult content

Faster loading

Blazing fast loading of video and images without interruptions.

Content protection

Advanced token protection against hot linking and content theft.

VOD encoding

Automatic encoding of uploaded content in multiple resolutions.

CDN Cloud storage

Host your content in the heart of our CDN. No storage servers needed.

Focus on the growth and speed of your adult website

We deliver your adult video and images via our global network with 23 points of presence in Europe, North America and Asia. Your content is always online and loading fast for your visitors even in the event of a data center outage. Our scalable cloud storage inside the CDN provides a cost efficient solution that grows with you, and you don't have to manage and load balance your own storage servers.

Adult CDN Features


Optional video encoding of your adult videos ensures smooth playback on mobile devices and eliminates the need to run CPU-heavy processing of different resolutions, video thumbnails, posters, and trial versions of your content. Your shared hosting or VPS server only needs to handle the website itself. PUSHR does the heavy lifting of deliverering your videos smoothly, without buffering.


Video CDN Storage

Host your adult content on RAID10 storage arrays inside PUSHR's CDN. With guaranteed high durability and optimized performance for video delivery, our Cloud CDN Storage allows you to scale as you grow, while keeping costs low and removeing the burden of storage servers management.

Adult Video Protection

Prevention of content theft and content leakage is built into our network to ensure that ad and affiliate revenue models remain profitable for adult webmasters. Be it a public tube or a private membership site, you are in control of who accesses, shares and embeds your content.

Video protection via secure tokens

CDN Integration API

Upload, Delete, Pre-cache and Purge your adult videos and images programatically with PUSHR's CDN API. Armed with blazing fast cache purge and content deletion, it is trivial to integrate PUSHR CDN in your workflow and third party tube scripts for a fully automated, hassle-free content management, storage & adult video delivery.


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