Content Protection

The content protection tab in your dashboard provides tools for fine grained access control to the files delivered by your CDN zone. 

Domain Lock

PUSHR will serve your content only to visitors who come from one of the whitelisted domains. Direct access to your content will be disabled.

Secure Tokens

Secure tokens provide an authentication mechanism that protects your content from unauthorized viewing, downloading and hot linking. To set up secure token, please refer to the secure token tutorial.

Block visitors by IP

Block IP addresses or whole IP subnets from accessing your content. PUSHR will respond with HTTP 403 code and blocked visitors will be redirected to an error page.

Block visitors by Country

Entire countries can be blocked from accessing your content. A HTTP 403 code will be returned to visitors from the listed countries.

Block visitors by User Agent

Browsers and devices identified by the specified user agents will be blocked. Wildcards can not be used. A HTTP 403 code will be returned to the blocked devices.