How am I billed?

PUSHR uses a pay-as-you-go billing model where as a customer, you are billed only for the resources that you've used at any given time. In order to use our services, you need to add credit to your account first. Our system will then deduct from this credit amount hourly based on the services used. Once your credit reaches $0 services will be stopped temporarily until more credit has been added to the account. Alerts are sent ahead of time to help you always be online.

Is payment information required for a free trial?

We do not ask for payment details for the free 30 day trial. However, we may ask for personally identifying information if we have a reason to believe that you have already had a free trial account and are now attempting to abuse the system. Please note that only one account is allowed per customer.

For how long is the free $10 credit available in the trial?

When you sign up to try our services out, we provide you with a 30 day trial that includes $10 in account credit to spend on the services which are of interest to you. This credit is valid until you've used it up, but no longer than 30 days, when it will be considered expired and will no longer be available in your account. 

What payment methods are supported?

We support PayPal and Stripe. Bank transfers are available but are processed manually. Please open a support ticket for further information on bank payments.

Is there a minimum charge?

In order to keep your account active we will charge a $1 fee per month. This fee is waived off if your usage accounts to more than $1. If it is less, we will round it up to $1 and this would be what you would be billed on the 1st of the next month.

How am I billed for CDN traffic?

You are billed for outbound CDN traffic counted per gigabyte at the prices listed on our pricing page. Inbound traffic, shield traffic and load balancer traffic are free and not accounted for. Usage and charges are updated every hour.

How do the tiered discounts for higher volumes of CDN traffic work?

Discounts are applied automatically based on outbound CDN traffic used in any given month on our balanced network. The cumulative traffic for your entire account is counted. Once you have used more than 10TB in a given calendar month, we automatically put you into the first discount tier and every next GB of traffic costs you less. If you use more than 100TB, you are automatically moved to the second tier where every next GB costs even less. The counters are reset on the 1st day of each calendar month. Please open a ticket if you expect to use more than 500TB per month as we will be happy to offer you even lower pricing. Please note that autometic tiered discounts apply only to usage on our balanced network.

How am I billed for Sonic storage space and traffic?

Sonic object storage is billed on a GB stored per hour basis at the tariffs listed on our pricing page. There no extra request/operation fees. Sonic is not a standalone product but is instead meant to serve as a managed origin for your push CDN zones. Therefore upload traffic to Sonic, as well as the traffic between Sonic and PUSHR's CDN edge is not accounted for and is completely free. Outbound CDN traffic is billed as per our standard rates.

How is PUSHR's Live Streaming platform billed?

Each live stream that you create is billed hourly based on 2 factors: The sum of the different output resolutions the stream is being transcoded to and the CDN traffic being used to deliver this stream to all it's viewers. A list of available resolutions and their hourly cost are listed on our pricing page. Since streams use reseved(dedicated) resources on our GPU cloud, each stream is billed hourly until it has been destroyed. It is therefore important to destroy all streams that are not in use to avoid being billed for them. 

Note: Pricing is based on 30FPS input framerate. Higher framerates than 30FPS are billed the hourly cost x2.

DVR functionality is currently free and only the Sonic storage used to store your recorded live streams is being billed.

How is VOD processing billed?

PUSHR's VOD processing is currently available as an early access product and is therefore free to use. Pricing is subject to change and will be announced ahead of time once this service is considered production-ready. Storage costs that result from storing the encoded videos in your Sonic space are billed at standard Sonic pricing.

 Are there any other charges for using services provided by PUSHR?

Additional services and features that are not listed here or on PUSHR's pricing page are free unless explicitly stated otherwise. 


VAT is being deducted automatically from the amount of credit that you add to your account. However, if you are a citizen/company located outside of the EU or a company inside EU, but with a valid VAT number, VAT will not be deducted from your payments. 


By default PUSHR will issue payment receipts for all account credit topup operations. You can opt in to instead receive an invoice if you are using our services on behalf of a registered company. To do this, please update your profile information in your dashboard and select the option to receive invoices.