Host a PUSHR PoP inside your network


Net Stack Ltd operates PUSHR - a global content delivery network service used by web masters, SAAS providers, broadcasting companies and video-on-demand services to cache and accelerate web and media content. We partner with ISPs who see substantial traffic from IPs from various AS that resolve to the,, domains and from AS209403 to improve the experience of their customers and to minimize utilization on their transit and IX links.

However, we welcome every willing ISP provider to parner with us regardless of the traffic levels. 

Benefits of partnership

Partnering with PUSHR brings mutual benefits to both us and the ISP. We deliver our customers' content to it's destination faster, while the ISP keeps most of the traffic local to their network.

Hosting a point of presence inside your network

ISPs usually host an edge PoP for our service inside their network. The PoP is dedicated to serving content only to the ISP's customers. This PoP will usually come in the form of a VM provided by the ISP and operated, maitained and controlled by PUSHR. The ISP is responsible for supplying the VM, maintaining the operational state of the host node and supplying some bandwidth for cache fill operations (ingress from the internet). There are no system administration or other responsibilities on behalf of the ISP. 

VM instance examples

Depending on the ingress traffic levels that you are currently observing from our service, we've derived the following requirements for a PoP inside your network that would allow it to operate efficiently. Use them as a starting point:

Observed TrafficvCPURAMSSDIngressLocal
< 100Mbps/30TBx28G> 400GB500Mbps*1G
> 100Mbps/30TBx416G> 800GB>= 1G1G-10G
> 1G/300TBx816G>1.92TB>= 10>=10G

There are no specific requirements regarding the model of CPU used, but it must be recent enough to have the AES-NI or equivalent instruction set for fast processing of HTTPS traffic. 

Ingress bandwidth

Ingress bandwidth during cache fill operations works in short bursts. Once the PoP inside your network serves a file to one of your customers, it will save a copy of it and will deliver it from there on the next request. The Ingress link speeds provided in the table above will be sufficient but how much of their capacitiy is utilized will depend on the available disk space. The larger the disk, the lower the link utilization will be. 

* Providing 500Mbps for ingress, even in short bursts, may be impossible in some regions of the world. We understand this and ask that you get in touch with us even if you could not supply this amount of bandwidth.

Content policy

Our content policy strictly prohibits the usage of our services for content that might be deemed illegal, and we actively work to ensure such content does not become available on any node of our edge network. However, some content might be legal in one country and illegal in another. When working with our ISP partner, we take into account the law requirements of the country where the PoP will operate, and will allow only legal content to be served from it. 


As an ISP partner you retain the right to cancel this partnership at your will, and so does PUSHR. We will not require any specific contracts or terms on our end, but will agree to specific terms that you may be required to impose on this partnership where deemed reasonable. 

Costs and paid partnership opportunities

The costs involved on behalf of your ISP will mostly come from the resources that will be provided for the operation of the VM. Ideally, these would be offset by the savings on IX and transit connectivity. However, where reasonable, we will offer to share costs with the partnering ISP either in the form of a one-off setup fee, ot the equivalent of a monthly rent for a VM. If you are an ISPs in emerging and developing region, please get in touch regarding this paid opportunity.

Getting started

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