LIR services specific ToS

Apart from other services offered under the PUSHR brand, Net Stack Ltd also offers LIR services to it's customers in the Europe region and beyond, via it's accredited LIR account registered with Réseaux IP Européens (RIPE). These Terms of Service, including PUSHR's standard ToS, apply to all LIR services offered by Net Stack Ltd.

IP prefix leasing

All PUSHR customers that make use of PUSHR's IP address space provided by the RIPE RIR, as part of the services being provided by PUSHR to them, agree to abide by all applicable laws in the RIPE region, as well as to look after and actively insure against malicious usage of the IP address space, including:

  • Port scan
  • Brute force
  • DDoS or DoS attacks
  • IP spoofing
  • Phishing
  • Email spam
  • Distribution of child abuse, revenge, hate speech or other content that might be deemed illegal, including hacked software, software cracks and unlicensed media content of any type. 

PUSHR retains it's right to stop providing any and all services to the customer in the event of repeated infrigements of this policy.