Traffic Analytics

This section provides detailed information about the performance of your CDN zone. The collected data can be sorted down to per-hostname level. Up to 12 months of data is being stored which includes:

Visitors map

The global distribution map displays all countries where your content has been delivered for the selected reporting period. Hover over each country to view the exact number of requests made.

Traffic usage and cache hit ratio

Outbound CDN traffic towards your visitors and the cache hit ratio for the CDN zone are displayed in gigabytes and percentages respectively.

Top content and top countries

The content that has been requested the most as well as the most active countries countries where your content has been delivered.

Referers and HTTP response codes

The top 10 refering pages from which visitors have followed a link to content that is being served by your CDN zone, and the response codes that have been returned by PUSHR.

Traffic served per data center

This chart provides you with an overview of how much traffic each data center from PUSHR's global network has served to your visitors. Only data centers that have actually served traffic are displayed.

In addition, the raw access logs from the CDN edge servers are also available for download at no extra cost. Up to 3 days of log data is being kept.