• Media Platform

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  • Traffic Shaping

    PUSHR allows you to modify and restrict the speeds at which your content can be viewed and downloaded by your visitors. These settings are useful when…

  • Network Tier

    The network tier tab in your dashboard allows you to select which data centers will be used by the CDN zone which you are managing. Two…

  • Content Protection

    The content protection tab in your dashboard provides tools for fine grained access control to the files delivered by your CDN zone. 

  • Caching

    The caching tab in your dashboard allows you to control the caching behaviour of PUSHR CDN and visitors' browsers. Multiple options are present:

  • Zone Settings

    Use the Zone Settings tab to configure the global settings that will apply to all content that is being served by your CDN zone.

  • Origins & Hostnames

    Origin servers (Pull zones) Use the origin servers section to set where PUSHR will be pulling your content from. Single and multiple origins are supported. When…

  • Traffic Analytics

    This section provides detailed information about the performance of your CDN zone. The collected data can be sorted down to per-hostname level. Up to 12 months of data is being stored which includes: