Intellectual property rights

Net Stack Ltd, trading under name of PUSHR CDN, respects the intellectual propery (IP) rights of content creators and their authorised partners, and operates under the following rules to comply with applicable IP laws in Republic of Bulgaria. Where misuse of intellectual property might occur within PUSHR CDN's network, property owners shall inform PUSHR CDN via a notice sent over electronic mail to

1. IP abuse originating from PUSHR CDN's network

1.1. Where an unauthorised use of a intellectual property has been found to originate from storage servers located inside PUSHR CDN's infrastructure, PUSHR CDN will notify the uploader of the content and will allow up to 24 hours for the situation to be resolved by them. Should the customer fail to resolve the situation by removing or making the content unavailable, or by submitting a counter-notice, PUSHR CDN shall be allowed to interfere with the normal operation of the services rendered to the customer until the situation is resolved.

1.2. PUSHR's employees may request from the customer to explicitly confirm they do own the rights to distribute certain types of content before allowing the customer to make use of PUSHR's CDN platform. Where the customer has been found to have provided misleading or false information in that regard, their account may be suspended earlier than the 24-hour period in 1.1. above. The suspension may be temporary or permanent, and will be solely decided by a PUSHR employee. Refunds shall not be provided.

2. IP abuse traversing PUSHR CDN's network

Where caching and retransmitting capacities offered by PUSHR CDN are being used, with the content itself being hosted outside of PUSHR CDN's network, IP owners may request all available information that PUSHR CDN has on file regarding the origin of the content to be supplied, and PUSHR CDN shall respond to such requests in a timely manner with the public information of the network that is hosting the content. Acting merely as a content caching provider and an internet communication medium, in order to comply with applicable Bulgarian laws, PUSHR CDN will reject requests to interfere with the normal operation of the network and will not take actions to resolve the situation on behalf of the intellectual property's owner. Such requests shall then be sent to the network which acts as the origin of the allegedly infringing content.

3. Repeat infringer policy

Where a customer is repeatedly found to host content inside PUSHR CDN's network without the consent of the owner, or of a third party authorised by them, PUSHR CDN may permanently disconnect the customer from it's infrastructure and disable all services provided without a notice. Refunds shall not be provided.

4. Requests for personally-identifying infromation

In order to obtain any personally-identifying information that PUSHR CDN has on file regarding an alleged infringer, intellectual property owners are required to provide a court order issued by the courts of Republic of Bulgaria. The original order shall be delivered to Net Stack Ltd's registered office via post or in person during standard business hours. In order to comply with applicable laws, PUSHR CDN will not accept requests for such information or a court order via electronic mail.